VIP Warp Services Overview

Find me in game: xx Priest xx

My primary role in Entropia Universe is trading, but I am also pleased to offer reliable and safe VIP (loot friendly) warp transportation service between planets.

Starfinder XXXVI with over 50,000 SI and a gunner on every flight. This is the same ship I move multiple thousands of PEDs of my own loot with every day.

Service Rates:

  • I prefer very simple pricing: 
  • 25 PED per trip. No pickup fees or other fees of any kind, ever.  – additional passengers 5 ped.
  • If you want a multi-warp, I charge 5 ped for an additional planet trip. Max waiting time is 10 minutes. 
  • No weight limit, loot friendly.
  • Ship boasts over 50,000 SI currently, and gunner protection on every trip.
  • Free Quad trip down to planet if needed

Scheduled Group Warps:

We are in the process of finalizing a weekly schedule for shared/group rides within the universe. Currently, we will advertise these each day we are able to do them within in game channels (space travel, and planet trade chats).


  • Scheduled/Advertised Group Warp Rates:
  • 8 PED per ticket. PM: xx Priest xx to be added to guest list for summoning to ship during warp time.

Just to address this point head on and openly: 

As many know, I have in the past been involved in space pirate activity.  I am no longer (in any way) involved in this element of the game for the record. Also, even while active, I provided warp service in my Quad Wing Equus and  never once crossed the lines between that and some form of pirating with my warp customers, because for me personally, this is where the lines blur between a game mechanic, and a moral issue, or defrauding someone. 

I don’t put this on my website because I have regrets, I don’t, at all.  I view this as a part of the game like any other. Some will agree, and some will disagree. I have simply made the decision to not do this and to go a different direction in the game. 

In short, it would be stupid of me to publicly post this and then take some sort of action against my warp clients in space. All I can guarantee is that I am not in any way shape or form involved in any sort of pirate activity any longer in this game. I have, and will continue, providing safe warp transport for many people each day. If you told me before our flight you had 500k in loot, the outcome would be the same… we’d trade for 20 PED and that would be that. 

Cheers 🙂

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