Starfinder XXXVI Secure Warp Travel Overview

Stress free and loot friendly universe wide warp travel services on Starfinder XXXVI 

One of the strongest Privateer ships in game with over 50,000 SI currently (meaning it can take over 50k damage before being destroyed) and gunner support on every flight. This is the same ship I move multiple thousands of PEDs of my own loot with every day. 

Join Discord server and/or find in game and add:  “xx Priest xx”

Starfinder XXXVI Ship VIP program:

As a way to say thank you and give back to our repeat travelers:

10% Discount:

Those who warp 3x per month or more (current month) will automatically be enrolled in VIP rates which earn you 10% discount on all trips for the rest of the current month, and the following month.

25% Discount:

Those who warp 10x per month or more (current month) will earn a 25% discount on all trips for the rest of the current month, and the following month

We truly do appreciate you.

Service Rates:

* 20 PED PER TRIP – There are never any pickup fees or other weird fees.

* Additional passengers are 5 PED, no passenger limit. (For large group warps contact me directly and we can quote the trip.)

* If you want a multi-warp, I charge 5 ped for an additional planet trip. Max waiting time is 15 minutes. 

* No weight limit, loot friendly.
* Ship boasts over 50,000 SI currently, safe and reliable.
* Free Quad trip down to planet if needed

Repair Runs and/or space hunts will be offered at no charge sometimes ( usually if I get bored 🙂 ). Please look in game channels or watch Discord for when these are offered. Also, feel free to ask if you’re interested in doing this.

If you are a Land Area owner and are interested in working out travel arrangements for your Events, please feel free to contact me.


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