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Please refresh this page before you trade. Prices may change at any time. 

Contact me directly for anything not on this list. If something is not listed I will gladly quote it case by case (or let you know if I don’t buy it). I am actively buying other items such as CLDs/AUDs, ESIs, UL items, etc.

Contact me directly if you’d like to purchase these materials at (always) below auction prices. I don’t openly publish my selling prices. I will also deliver to other planets for larger amounts.


Adomasite Ingot102.00%
Alferix Ingot115.00%
Alternative Ingot110.00%
Azzurdite Ingot106.00%
Banite Ingot100.50%
Belkar Ingot110.00%
Blausariam Ingot101.00%
Caldorite Ingot100.25%
Cobalt Ingot103.00%
Copper Ingot103.00%
Cumbriz Ingot106.00%
Dianum Ingot102.00%
Durulium Ingot110.00%
Erdorium Ingot112.00%
Erionite Ingot105.00%
Frigulite Ingot104.00%
Ganganite Ingot106.00%
Gazzurdite Ingot108.00%
Gold Ingot106.00%
Hansidian Ingot800.00%
Himi Ingot180.00%
Ignisium Ingot130.00%
Iolite Ingot110.00%
Iron Ingot108.00%
Kanerium Ingot220.00%
Kaz Ingot101.00%
Langotz Ingot125.00%
Lanorium Ingot105.00%
Lidacon Ingot102.00%
Lysterium Ingot101.00%
Maganite Ingot120.00%
Megan Ingot115.00%
Narcanisum Ingot105.00%
Niksarium Ingot102.00%
Ospra Ingot100.50%
Petonium Ingot125.00%
Platinum Ingot101.00%
Pyrite Ingot260.00%
Quantium Ingot135.00%
Redulite Ingot270.00%
Rugariz Ingot500.00%
Telfium Ingot113.00%
Terrudite Ingot115.00%
Veda Ingot100.50%
Vesperdite Ingot105.00%
Wenrex Ingot105.00%
Xeremite Ingot200.00%
Yulerium Ingot101.00%
Zanderium Ingot400.00%
Zinc Ingot101.00%


Alicenies Gel117.00%
Angelic Flakes140.00%
Antimagnetic Oil100.50%
Ares Powder101.50%
Binary Energy102.00%
Dianthus Crystal Powder155.00%
Dunkel Plastic3000.00%
Edres Varnish101.00%
Energized Crystal Cell104.00%
Ener. Fertilizer100.25%
Fire Root Pellet180.00%
Force Nexus101.00%
Garcen Lubricant125.00%
Growth Molecules100.25%
Henren Cube110.00%
Light Liquid107.00%
Light Mail2000%
Lytairian Powder100.50%
Magerian Spray101.00%
Medical Compress190.00%
Melchi Crystal100.50%
Pearl Sand140.00%
Pel Liquid105.00%
Quil Rubber101.00%
Root Acid100.50%
Solis Paste112.00%
Somin Glue101.00%
Star Dust101.00%
Typonolic Gas108.00%
Vorn Plastic102.00%
Zoldenite Crystal102.00%
Zolphic Grease100.50%


Animal Oils

Animal Adrenal Oil100.50%
Animal Brain Oil115.00%
Animal Eye Oil100.25%
Animal Heart Oil105.00%
Animal Kidney Oil100.50%
Animal Liver Oil100.50%
Animal Muscle Oil101.00%
Animal Pancreas Oil100.25%
Animal Spleen Oil105.00%
Animal Thyroid Oil100.50%


Fine Wool101.00%
Thin Wool104.00%


Basic Leather Extractor250.00%
Basic Stone Extractor112.00%
Diluted Mineral Extractor325.00%
All Other Extractors102.00%


Adaptive Fire Rate Component120.00%
Cbase Robot Plastic125.00%
Focus Lens Component135.00%
Output Amplifier Component110.00%
Other Various Components100.50%
Robot Heat Sinks105.00%
Robot Low-Loss Link Cable102.00%
Robot Safety System102.00%
Robot Weapon Grip114.00%
Robot Weapon Sight108.00%
Simple 1 Conductors104.00%
Simple 2 Conductors103.00%
Simple 3 Conductors107.00%
Various 1/2/3 Springs, Ruds etc.102.00%
Tech Gizmo 8112.00%

Tier Components/Blazar

Blazar Fragment11PED/k
Tier 1 Component105.00%
Tier 2 Component135.00%
Tier 3 Component190.00%
Tier 4 Component125.00%
Tier 5 Component175.00%
Tier 6 Component175.00%
Tier 7 Component400.00%
Tier 8 Component250.00%
Tier 9 Component200.00%
TIer 10 Component225.00%


Combat Token325.00%
Fruit2 PED/k
Generic Fuse220.00%
Generic Nano Adjuster175.00%
Metal/Energy Residue100.50%
Pile of Opals (will quote other gems)310.00%
Paint Can Orange325.00%
Paint Cans (all other colors)104%
Small Chariak Mushroom3700.00%
Sonic Pulse Amplifier1250.00%
*** All other items if not listed please PM! 🙂



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