About Me

My goal is simple: to provide fair/competitive, efficient and transparent Universe wide trading services for Entropia Universe. This site is to provide updated pricing and trade information to my clients.

I typically am at Twin Peaks Balcony on Calypso. However, I actively trade on every planet. Please feel free to message me and I will come to you for larger trades on other planets if needed. I own a privateer (Starfinder XXXVI, over 50k SI) and can be with you in a few minutes, this includes delivering goods you buy to other planets as well. I also offer VIP warp service with my ship.

Ultimately, this is a game, and I enjoy what I do very much. I enjoy the chats, the negotiations, and meeting many new people. Hopefully we get the chance to work together.

Find me in game: xx Priest xx


What I Offer

  • I deal primarily in stackables (Ore, Enmatter, Hunting and Crafting Loot). However, I also buy Deeds (CLD/AUD), ESIs/skills, and other items on a selective basis (blueprints, weapons, etc.), and yes, I buy fruit and sweat.
  • I am not currently trading pills, boxes, shrapnel or residue. Not that these items aren’t good (or profitable) I just prefer not to move them. Thank you for understanding.
  • Anything I buy, I can also sell at below auction prices. Let me know what you need. I work with crafters to supply a steady stream of materials at good prices. I have the ability to deliver to other planets as well (warp transport). Message me if this is something you’re interested in.

I guarantee that I will do my very best to be competitive. Markets move daily, traders outbid each other… such is life. I can’t guarantee I will be the highest on every item every time, but I can guarantee I try hard to be when I can.

Price List -Buying

Updated 5.01.20

Please refresh this page before you trade. This list is updated each day I actively trade. If something is not listed I will do it case by case.

Contact me directly if you’d like to purchase these materials at (always) below auction prices. I will also deliver to other planets for larger amounts. 

Adomasite Ingot 101.50%
Alferix Ingot 108.00%
Alternative Ingot 109.00%
Azzurdite Ingot 102.00%
Banite Ingot 101.00%
Belkar Ingot 107.00%
Blausariam Ingot 100.50%
Caldorite Ingot 101.00%
Cobalt Ingot 102.00%
Copper Ingot 103.50%
Cumbriz Ingot 102.00%
Dianum Ingot 101.50%
Durulium Ingot 111.00%
Erdorium Ingot 108.00%
Erionite Ingot 105.00%
Frigulite Ingot 102.00%
Ganganite Ingot 105.00%
Gazzurdite Ingot 111.00%
Gold Ingot 107.00%
Hansidian Ingot 700.00%
Hebredite Ingot 101.00%
Ignisium Ingot 115.00%
Iolite Ingot 115.00%
Iron Ingot 107.00%
Kaz Ingot 105.00%
Langotz Ingot 110.00%
Lanorium Ingot 100.50%
Lidacon Ingot 102.00%
Lysterium Ingot 101.50%
Maganite Ingot 125.00%
Megan Ingot 106.00%
Narcanisum Ingot 101.00%
Niksarium Ingot 103.00%
Ospra Ingot 105.00%
Petonium Ingot 140.00%
Platinum Ingot 110.00%
Pyrite Ingot 180.00%
Quantium Ingot 125.00%
Redulite Ingot 272.00%
Rugariz Ingot 750.00%
Telfium Ingot 114.00%
Terrudite Ingot 112.00%
Valurite Ingot 100.00%
Veda Ingot 101.00%
Vesperdite Ingot 130.00%
Wenrex Ingot 107.00%
Xeremite Ingot 165.00%
Yulerium Ingot 110.00%
Zanderium Ingot 335.00%
Zinc Ingot 100.25%

Alicenies Gel111.00%
Angelic Flakes140.00%
Antimagnetic Oil100.25%
Ares Powder101.50%
Binary Energy104.00%
Dianthus Crystal Powder141.00%
Dunkel Platics2200.00%
Edres Varnish101.00%
Ener. Crystal Cell105.00%
Ener. Fertilizer101.00%
Fire Root Pellet132.00%
Force Nexus101.50%
Garcen Lubricant109.00%
Growth Molecules100.25%
Henren Cubes106.00%
Hydrogen Gas104.00%
Light Liquid108.00%
Light Mail1750%
Lytairian Powder100.50%
Magerian Spray104.00%
Medical Compress170.00%
Melchi Crystal100.50%
Pearl Sand129.00%
Pel Liquid110.00%
Quil Rubber102.00%
Root Acid100.25%
Solis Paste103.00%
Somin Glue101.00%
Star Dust103.00%
Typonolic Gas110.00%
Vorn Plastic103.50%
Zoldenite Crystal104.00%
Zolphic Grease102.00%

Animal Oils

Animal Adrenal Oil 100.50%
Animal Brain Oil 115.00%
Animal Eye Oil 100.25%
Animal Kidney Oil 101.00%
Animal Liver Oil 100.25%
Animal Muscle Oil 101.00%
Animal Pancreas Oil 100.25%
Animal Spleen Oil 108.00%
Animal Thyroid Oil 100.25%


Animal Hide100.25%
Fine Hide102.00%
Fine Wool103.00%
Soft Hide100.25%
Thin Wool103.00%


Basic Leather Extractor200.00%
Basic Stone Extractor110.00%
Diluted Mineral Extr.325.00%
Various Other Extractors100.25%


Adaptive Fire Rate Comp.120.00%
Bio ID Verification101.00%
Focus Lens Component120.00%
Infrasound Amp Comp.110.00%
Infrasound Emitter Comp.100.50%
Output Amplifier Comp.118.00%
Robot Heat Sinks105.00%
Robot Low Loss Link102.00%
Robot Safety System104.00%
Robot Weapon Grip107.00%
Simple Cond/Springs etc.101.00%
Socket Components (all)100.50%
Tier I-V Component101.00%
Tier VI-X Component106.00%
Vixen Android Gear270.00%


Blazar Fragment6.5 ped/k
Combat Tokens300.00%
DeedsPM Me
Empty Skill Implant850.00%
Fruit2 ped/k
Generic Fuse150.00%
Generic Nano Adjuster150.00%
Hair Gel110.00%
Metal Residue100.35%
Paint Cans (all colors)103.50%
Small Chariak Mushroom3275.00%
Sonic Pulse Amplifier820.00%
SweatNot Buying
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