Hi all, due to real life engagements I have unfortunately had to make the tough decision to temporarily pause my trading activities. It has become very difficult to find the time to put the work in, and I don’t like to do things unless I can do them right. I expect to be back operational in around 2 months, and I apologize for the inconvenience! (In the meantime I am still fully providing warp services, see us at https://36warp.com)

Welcome! I provide competitive, efficient and transparent universe-wide trading services, and safe and reliable heavy warp travel services for Entropia Universe.

I typically am at Calypso, Twin Peaks in front of the bank,  however, I actively trade on every planet. Please feel free to message me and I will come to you for larger trades on other planets if needed and can be with you in a few minutes. This includes delivering goods you buy to other planets as well.

Find me in game: xx Priest xx


I deal primarily in stackables (Ore, Enmatter, Hunting and Crafting Loot). However, I also buy Deeds (CLD/AUD), ESIs/skills, and other items on a selective basis (blueprints, weapons, etc.).

I am not currently trading pills, boxes, or Shrapnel. Not that these items aren’t good (or profitable) I just prefer not to move them. However, I have a few close friends that I can refer you to for the best deals on these.

Anything I buy, I can also sell at below auction prices. Let me know what you need. I work with crafters to supply a steady stream of materials at good prices. I have the ability to deliver to other planets as well (warp transport). Message me if this is something you’re interested in.

I guarantee that I will do my best to be competitive. 

Markets move daily, resellers outbid each other, such is life. But, I work very hard to offer the best prices I possibly can, as my regulars know.

Hopefully we get the chance to work together! Thank you!

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